There may also be newer stuff at Youtube. In reverse chronological order:


Letter from Home (Pat Metheny)

Sheesh, not three notes into the tune and I skip two of ’em (and did it again for the second go round.) Let’s call it “improvising” rather than “forgetting”, shall we?

Mostly based on a Jason Vieaux transcription, this Metheny composition was played on an Alvarez ABT-60E baritone guitar tuned down to B.


Don’t Know Why (Jesse Harris/Pat Metheny)

This version of Don’t Know Why (written by Jesse Harris & made popular by Norah Jones) was arranged by Pat Metheny as published in his “One Quiet Night” book. Played here on a Douglas Ceti baritone guitar with the “altered Nashville” tuning used by Metheny.


Ojo Mangle (Leo Kottke)

Is it sacrilegious playing Kottke on a Strat? Yeah, probably. But regardless, here is his classic piece, Ojo. Closer to the original “Armadillo” version, but a bit slower and – of course – played on a 6-string. With apologies to Leo.


Both Sides Now (Joni Mitchell/Pat Martino)

Joni Mitchell’s tune as interpreted by Pat Martino. Performed on a Schecter 006 through a Line 6 Pod Version 2. Yay budget guitars! Kufi cap v. 3.0.


Blues for Hy (Howard Morgen)

Cover using the transcription found in Fingerstyle Magazine. Played on a Yamaha Pacifica (PAC012) through a Line 6 Pod Version 2.


Western (Alex De Grassi)

Cover using the transcription (with minor modifications) found in The Alex De Grassi Guitar Collection. Tuning: DADGCEb. Guitar: T. Haruo Model 60. Audio: MXL 604 to Tascam DP-008 (some reverb added.)