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unfinished beginnings (cg ditties #2)

Short improvised ditties & loops never to be repeated.

Safety in Numbers

2104 solo electric guitar.

Safety in Numbers

2104 solo electric guitar.

4 Sketches For Casio VL-5

Four brief sketches on a Casio VL-5 from the archives, circa 1980.

The Birth of Space Baby

Is it benevolent or is it malevolent? Only time will tell…

Ceti baritone with looper and occasional ebow.

NST Parts A-D

Some preliminary musings upon new standard tuning (CGDAEG) mostly developed & promoted by Robert Fripp. Here are a few cut & pastes of my first attempts with this tuning. Single track using the best cheapie electric guitar – a Yamaha PAC012 – recorded direct in with various effects.


Having some fun with a distortion pedal in Part B (beginning at about 2:38). Excessive crunch warning!

Part C (4:01) has a lot of experimenting (obviously) and includes a strange little effects glitch that I didn’t want to mess with.

The short little ditty at the end (5:24) continues one of the nice voicings that this tuning makes easy. Sweet!


Short sketches on nylon guitar in DADGAD. Pieces from a single improv, with effects & stuff.



My first experiment with the TC Electronic Alter Ego X4. Short unpolished clip starts with a minute of some ambient swell type of thingies, then 90 seconds of using the looper (beginning got cut off), then a short little Bm to G to F# ditty.


It’s really cool that you can mess with the echo styles while looping (such as reverse in the loop here) unlike a DL4 looper. Using a MIM Strat with a volume pedal and Alter Ego. A little stereo-izing in Reaper is pretty much all the post-processing. Left in the pedal noise and an extraneous measure or three!

Manitoba Plains


Yet another serendipitous loop (YASL). This little ditty based on a simple chord progression manifested itself during an extended improvisation and in all likelihood will never be repeated exactly the same way again (largely due to the odd syncopations produced during the looping).

Solo guitar played on a Douglas Ceti baritone with altered nashville tuning. DL4 for looping. Single track, recorded direct in, with a little reverb added afterwards.